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  • Name: Paul Rumbol
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  • Location: London UK
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Ive been researching the 'Oh Boy! series (1958-1959) for some years now and have interviewed several of its stars and acquired quite a collection of photos and documents from the series.
In 2002 I teamed up with Ray Flight -who displayed obvious web skills (something i was lacking in) and we decided to create the most comprehensive of websites dedicated to this series.
For the last few years Ray has been unable to make amendments to the website but we keep it going in the hope that someone with rare film footage will chance apon it and make contact.
I still hope and pray that one day a lost show will surface from a private archive either here in the UK or the United States.

I love much of the music and spirit of the 1950's (although i was born in 1959), and have amassed quite a collection of rare Cliff Richard and the Shadows memoribilia since my youth.

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